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Chatham Heritage

Since the 1870s, the name Chatham has stood for the very best in American woolens. From its very foundation Chatham has made just the right wool fabric for each application — from its famous blankets to apparel and interiors.


Alexander Chatham took over operation of the water powered mill that he worked in and installed wool processing equipment. He takes wool from the surrounding foothills and makes yarn and fabrics.


The first “Chatham Blanket” is cut and labelled as such.


Chatham Manufactures its wool blankets by the thousands for the french and American armies in WW1.


Chatham starts making woolen interiors for automobiles. Customers include Studebaker, Ford, Chrysler, AMC Hudson and Nash.

1940 – 1950

Chatham manufactures millions of blankets for the armed forces in World War 2 while the company’s president, Thurmond Chatham, commands a cruiser in the Pacific. Following WWII, The Chatham Blanketeers play in the Blue Ridge league.

1950 – 1960

Chatham works with textile designer Marianne Strengell to design automotive interiors

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