Original Pattern

Chatham X WM Brown Camp Blanket


This project started as a conversation between Matt Hranek and Alex Chatham. Matt, better known as WM Brown, is an advocate of the analog life. He has always loved wool camp blankets. The designs, durability and versatility are timeless. Chatham has a history of making wool camp blankets like these dating back to the 1800s. The result of the conversation was that they wanted to develop a wool blanket with a classic camp blanket design, using the WM Brown colors as stripes.

The result is a 20oz 100% wool blanket with a napped finish. It is quintessentially both WM Brown and Chatham. ⁠Rugged and versatile, it is meant to go anywhere; road trips, fireside drinks, or fall camping trips. 

  • Material 100% Pure Wool
  • Cloth Weight 20oz
  • Size 55in X 70in
  • Production Made in the USA

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